Phase I - Quick StartSM “Day One” Programs



 Our proven “Quick StartSM” programs allow you to leverage Wingspan Partners’ pre-negotiated, industry leading discounts and pre-existing contracts within your existing procurement and business operations on “day one” by eliminating the need for often costly and prolonged RFP and contract negotiation and implementation phases.. Our Quick StartSM programs do not require re-engineering, systems integration efforts, or long lead times to realize savings.



 Phase II – Quick HitsSM Program to Deliver “Instant ROI”


Our battle tested Quick HitsSM Program allows you to develop preferred supplier relationships quickly by leveraging our RapidRewardsSM bid process. These preferred supplier relationships would likely cover additional commonly used categories  Quick HitsSM may require minor re-engineering, systems integration and related efforts to maximize savings. 

Phase III – Maximum ReturnSM Program

Our Maximum ReturnSM Program provides more-involved, transformational, and longer-term BPO solutions, leading to further savings. WingSpan Partners has realized a 17% Average Savings on projects in Capital, Services, Utilities, Indirect, and Discretionary categories.