Successes Stories               
                                                                         Chemical Company Saves 68% on Office Supplies       

                                                                            With an annual sales of close to $60M per year,
                                                       one of WingSpan Partner's recent clients thought they
                                                       were getting the best deal in their industry.  Sometimes 
                                                       we see firms invest most, if not all, their efforts in  

                                                       improving their procurement strategies for their direct            
                                                       input materials.  This makes sense, because 80% of
                                                       your firm's COGS will come from direct spend, 
                                                       However, completely neglecting the remaining 20%

can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. 

                                       Aerospace Company Saves 25% on LTL Shipping
                                                          High margin products means that this specialty
                                                       aerospace interior design company has shipping
                                                       criterion that specify fast and efficient, but more
                                                       importantly product safety.  Imagine the surprise when
                                                       WingSpan Partners brought all this to the table along
                                                       with significant savings.  Our client is in the high end

                                                       product-line, high-margin, aircraft cabinetry design. 
                                                       It's business critical that they maintain their product 
                                                       quality throughout the shipping process.  So, imagine
                                                       their surprise when we took our freight management
                                                       partners and offered our clients the best carriers in the
                                                       industry at 75% of the cost they were paying now.

                                                      Waste Equipment Manufacturer saves 10% on
                                                       Welding Wire
                                                          The firm had a very typical "Tastes Great, Less
                                                      Filling" argument among the different locations.
                                                      WingSpan Partners was able to help bridge the gap by
                                                      understanding what the real issues were that made
                                                      one location prefer one supplier over another.