Chemical Company Saves 68% on Office Supplies
With an annual sales of close to $60M per year, one of WingSpan Partner's recent clients thought they were getting the best deal on the block.  more

Aerospace Company Saves 25% on LTL Shipping
High margin products means that this specialty aerospace interior design company has shipping criterion that specify fast and efficient, but more importantly product safety.  Imagine the surprise when WingSpan Partners brought all this to the table along with significant savings.
Proprietary MRO Solutions 
Wingspan Partners has developed proprietary practices coupled with unique web and social media collection methods to "crack the code" of multiple part numbers / descriptions for identical MRO items.
The WingSpan Difference

WingSpan Partners provides Demand Aggregation Services (DAS) for the small to medium sized firms regardless of the industry. DAS provides immediate cost savings on the most commonly used indirect materials, services, and capital items used by customers in similar industries.  The WingSpan program offers pre-negotiated discounts for all clients based on pre-existing supplier relationships.  Implementation is quick and easy and the cost savings are real.

The WingSpan Model

                      Our Solutions

    Our team of professional consultants are experts in strategic procurement services, events, and negotiations.

      - Procurement Consulting

      - Market Assessment

      - Procurement Assessment

      - Categorical Spend Analysis

      - Project Implementation Plan

      - Project Risk Assessment

      - Project Management Support

      - Change Management Support

      - Strategic Communications

      - Post-Project Follow-up

      - Continuous Improvement Strategy